Sunday, March 18, 2018

Adversity The Web Series - Crowdfunding Campaign

Hey, Guys, we just launched our crowdfunding campaign for our comedy web series: Adversity! Read more about the show and donate to help us make it at www.adversitytheseries.com
We are LIVE now!!!

Crowdfunding​ – Adversity The Web Series

What a life-changing, extraordinary journey. To those who have made a financial and spiritual contribution, thank you for the magic. Adversity's - Great perks. Shades of Agate and Turquoise Necklace"! Agate-and-Turquoise Pendant, handcrafted in Ibiza, Spain, BY Danese Smalls - http://www.adversitytheseries.com

Friday, May 26, 2017

Celebrity Name Game 
Tamir Yardenne and Samantha Hope in action with 
#Mark-Paul Gosselaar and #BreckinMeyer 

I get to get shot dead in my first western, #tamiryardenne#vengeance

Mad cool to be working on set. When they throw a lot at you, thank God for technique sometimes that's all you have to fall back on... (and prayer) lol Recurring Regular. #tamiryardenne

Tamir guest starring on The Young and the Restless. Great day! #The Young and the Restless

#tamirfilms, #tamiryardenne
Well AGAIN, My script Bye Felicia is in the final round for Sundance 2017 New Voices Lab. Maybe, this time, we'll get in. Hold us in prayer! #tamirfilms, #tamiryardenne