Wednesday, April 28, 2010

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Saturday, April 3, 2010

A letter 2 Sarah P

Dear Sarah Palin,

I don't share your politics but I do share your country. I am writing
to you now as a fellow American and also as a woman who, like you,
puts my spiritual journey above all else.

When your book first came out, I knew I had to read it because I felt
judgment in my heart that was not in keeping with my religious
convictions. I was tempted to think about you in prejudiced
stereotypes, and I know that this doesn't jive with "Love one another"
or "Judge not lest ye be judged." So I bought your book.

And I liked it. I admire you as a self-made woman who has achieved a
lot in your life, and I can see how some unfair criticisms that have
been leveled against you could have hurt terribly. I am sorry for
that. As a woman from Texas, I recognized your refusal to "sit down
and shut up" as the attitude of a kick-ass woman from a kick-ass
state. Although I am pro-choice, I felt your spiritual process
regarding coming to acceptance and obedience in relation to giving
birth to a Down Syndrome child was both inspiring and profound.

When I read your descriptions of liberals in the book -- not just
critical, but simply false -- my jaw did drop a couple of times, like
I almost thought you must be joking... you couldn't really think that.
But I knew my job in reading the book was to beware my own judgments,
so I simply read on and tried to ignore your jibes.

I have defended you since reading the book, particularly when others
would make fun of your comments about looking to God's Will to guide
you. But something is happening now that is so critical to this
country, with such genuinely significant repercussions, that I implore
you to hear me -- not just as a fellow American, but as a sister who I
know prays to the same God that I do: Words have power. Please modify
your words.

In my lifetime, we have lost a President, a Civil Rights leader and a
Presidential candidate -- all to gun violence. Another President was
shot and survived the ordeal, while his press secretary was paralyzed
for life. These are not left-right issues; they are not political
correctness issues; they are human issues concerning life and death. I
am not suggesting you would pick up a gun and shoot anyone; I am
suggesting that there are other people who would, however, and in your
position as a leading political figure you are stoking fires --
regardless of your intention -- that are simply too dangerous to be
safely stoked.

This is not the stuff of media bias. It is the stuff of history -- in
the United States and elsewhere. From Hitler's Germany to the arousal
of genocidal fervor in Rwanda, there are more than enough examples of
how a group psychosis can emerge within a nation. I beg you to join
with me -- even though I am not your political ally -- in praying for
blessing and protection on all our politicians and their families, and
looking deeply within our own hearts for where violence lurks so we
can cast it out.

I am speaking from genuine concern for our country -- a concern no
more or less meaningful or legal or freedom-loving than your own. I
have a pretty tough edge myself, and I don't mince words when it comes
to politics. But no one needs to be "re-loading" now, and our
political opponents are not "enemy territory." In a free society, we
do not have to agree; in fact, that's the point of freedom. "Shoot
with accuracy; aim high and remember it takes blood, sweat and tears
to win" is a frightening statement, Sarah. It is not funny; it is
threatening. There are some crazy people in this country on both sides
of the political aisle, and saying such things could incite them to
violence that is very real.

Please join with me in turning to a God of Love and not fear, that our
country and our world -- and perhaps most importantly, our own hearts
-- might be purified of hate. It is love and love alone that will heal
our country and heal our world.

Marianne Williamson