Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Keep Your Dog Cool in the Summer

Keep Your Dog Cool in the Summer

Dogs do not sweat. When you see Fido panting, that’s him trying to cool off. Works great in normal climates and during weather that isn’t too warm. But when the temperature starts rising, it’s time to start taking measures to keep Fido cool, because all the panting in the world isn’t going to make him comfortable in the heat of summer. Some tips on how to help your pooch beat the heat:

Baby Pool full of cool water – or a basin for smaller dogs. Just make sure they can enter and exit easily.
Ice in the water bowl. This will keep the water cool and some dogs love to chew on the ice! Make sure there is triple the amount of water available than you would normally leave. Dogs consume a LOT of water on hot days.
If your dog is going to be outdoors, make SURE that there is ALWAYS a shady spot for him to lay in.
Don’t leave your pooch in the car. (I know you all know this... enough said!)

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