Friday, October 9, 2009

Empowerment Part 2 by Christy

When I desired to have my ideal partner, I was VERY clear
that he would come into my life. I had no idea when or
how it would happen. I didn't feel that I needed a man
to make me happy. I remember saying "I don't need a man.
I prefer to have a man." I was emotionally detached
from the outcome. I created the space for the universe
to bring Frederic into my life in a very magical way.
I still don't NEED him. I prefer him in my life.

I realize that my joy is within me. His joy is within him.
But when we come together . . . our joy is multiplied.

Detachment is allowing. Allowing the timing, the form,
and the how to be the work of the universe.

Just enjoy your life. That is your job!


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